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Creating Space for Women in Places Not Designed for Us.​

I created Her Barbell because I am passionate about both fitness and women. I am a big advocate for living long, healthy lives, with the knowledge that not everyone is given the same access to them.

Globally, women are less active than men, largely due to a greater number of barriers, such as: 

  • lack of confidence (women are more likely to experience weight stigma),
  • discomfort being in a male-dominated space, and
  • gender roles (not having time due to being the main source of childcare or other unpaid household labor).

Most of our current health and exercise research has been done on young, white men.

The health and fitness system was not designed for us.

Our current diet, fashion, beauty, and wellness industries thrive on deception. They scream that we are not enough — that our bodies must be thin, that our faces must be beautiful (based on Eurocentric standards), that we must be constantly “perfecting” the way that we look. (And then, they make fun of us for being shallow, lol.)

Women are the most over-marketed to while also being the most under-served.

I’m here for two things:

  • to educate and empower women to strength train and take up space in the gym, and
  • to help women navigate the fitness space to find good quality, non-BS products to look and perform their best. 

A well-fitting pair of leggings will not change the world.

But women who learn they do not have to shrink their bodies (and minds!) to fit into those leggings, will.

Looking For Personal Training?

A Game-Plan for the Gym

Want to start lifting weights but have no idea where to start? Going to the gym but not seeing progress because you’re doing random workouts that you saw online? I use evidence-based systems to create you a periodized training program customized based on your goals, experience, and equipment.

A Better Relationship With Your Body

I believe in a balance of self-discipline and self-compassion, where we hold ourselves accountable to our goals while also realizing that there is no one way to look or to live. You’re open to unlearning some of your limiting beliefs about your body, to learn you’re already stronger than you may think!

Long-Lasting Results

No crash diets or burning out with high-intensity cardio over here. Together, we create achievable, sustainable processes that will work for your individual schedule/needs/beliefs to achieve your strength and/or body composition goals.

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