Vitality Cloud Pant Review

Vitality Cloud Pant Review | Better than the Lululemon Align Pant?

Vitality, formerly known as Balance Athletica, is an athletic apparel company founded by fitness influencer Taylor Chamberlain Dilk.

The Cloud Pant is arguably their most popular product, and has sold out within minutes of going live during several of their launches. It seems that they have expanded their inventory as they’ve matured as a small business, and I was able to grab a couple pairs over the last year.

For all intents and purposes, the Cloud Pant seems to be Vitality’s version of Lululemon’s Align Pant, the fan-favorite “naked sensation” legging Lululemon debuted in 2015.

Vitality Cloud Pant Back View

So, the question that begs to be asked — how does the Vitality Cloud Pant hold up to Lululemon Align Pant?

Vitality Cloud Pant Review

Who is the Vitality Cloud Pant best for?

The Vitality Cloud Pant is best for the woman who wants a pair of leggings that can double both for working out and everyday wear. Whether you’re running errands, working at a coffee shop, or lifting weights at the gym, the Cloud Pant is a comfortable yet polished pick, in color-ways ranging from sophisticated to playful.

As I’ll dive deeper into in the Performance section, the Vitality Cloud Pant is also best for women whose primary exercise modality are either gym workouts, or some form of low-impact workout, like pilates or barre. They would also be a good choice for yogis — although I find that I usually experience either bunching of material or gaping at the waist, which may be annoying during yoga flows. Because of the more delicate fabric, it also likely would not be the best option for cardio workouts.

Vitality Cloud Pant for Stretching

What I Like about the Vitality Cloud Pant

The Cloud Pant definitely checked the boxes for several key design features!

My favorite parts of these leggings include:

  1. The flattering glute seams,
  2. The smooth and slick fabric, and
  3. Some compression and structure.

First of all, I love that the seams on the back of the waistband of the Cloud Pants actually follow the shape of my glutes instead of cut right through them. Vitality calls this their “signature glute contour seam” that allegedly lifts and accentuates your butt. While I think that description might be a little dramatic, I can confirm I’ve gotten some glute compliments from my boyfriend (who wouldn’t notice if I cut half of my hair off!) while wearing these leggings.

The glute seams were something I specifically called out in my Lululemon Align Pant review — the seams at the back of the waistband cut nearly flat at the top quarter of my butt, which in my opinion awkwardly cuts the glutes off. Although I don’t think the Cloud Pant does it perfectly, I definitely think the flattering glute seams are a step in the right direction!

Vitality Cloud Pant Glute Seams

Another aspect of the Cloud Pant I enjoy is, of course, the fabric’s feel. The signature Cloud fabric — 75% Nylon and 25% Spandex — is incredibly comfortable, both in terms of smoothness and stretch. The material’s texture is somehow slick and soft at the same time, giving it a more “naked” feel. The all-way stretch allows you to push your range of motion without feeling much constraint.

The Cloud Pant is one of those pairs of leggings that I actually look forward to putting on because of how soft and comfortable I feel in them!

That being said, I do find that there is some slight compression in the Cloud Pant, especially compared to similar leggings. I like the shape that this additional structure gives, I feel slightly more “held-together” while still able to remain fully flexible.

The waistband is double-lined and provides the most amount of compression in the leggings. While this can definitely complement your body, it can also be a negative, which I’ll go into in the following section.

All-in-all, I think the Cloud Pant is a flattering pair of leggings, for the glute seams, the smooth material, and that just right blend of flexibility and structure.

Vitality Cloud Pant Pros


What I Don’t Like about the Vitality Cloud Pant

There are several ways in which I find the Vitality Cloud Pant falls short.

Some of my least favorite parts of the Cloud Pant include:

  1. The waistband rolling down and digging in,
  2. The lower quality construction, and
  3. The one-length-fits-all.

First and foremost, I have a love-hate relationship with the Cloud Pant’s waistband. I do like that it’s slightly more tapered than most leggings, which comes in handy for women with smaller waists in comparison to their larger glutes and legs.

That being said, with both the taper and the waistband being double-lined and more compressive, I’ve found that the top of the waistband can both dig in and roll down when performing different types of movements. While the waist may look good just standing, it may be less flattering while bending or rotating at the hips or torso. I find that they either bunch up or gape at my waist.

Vitality Cloud Pant Pattern

Along with the waistband, I also have had some issues with the actual construction of the leggings. Some of the seams have been coming loose, with threads sticking out in awkward places. Because the leggings are still pretty pricey, I would expect this product to last in great condition for at least the first couple months of owning and wearing it.

The final con I have with the Cloud Pant is that there is only one length choice. In comparison to other companies that have either varying inseam options or at least a longer version and a 7/8 version, Vitality takes the one-length-fits-all approach with the universal 26.5″ inseam.

I understand that Vitality is a smaller company, without the resources that larger companies like Lululemon or Athleta can access. Hopefully in the future, they can create a wider range of inseams to accommodate for more sizes.

Performance of the Vitality Cloud Pant

Over the past year of owning multiple pairs of the Vitality Cloud Pant, I’ve been able to review them in a range of different exercise modalities and everyday settings.

Performance for Lifting

Out of all the different exercise modalities, I prefer wearing the Vitality Cloud Pant for lifting. Because the fabric is smooth and flexible while still holding a light amount of structure, I don’t foresee any issues with these leggings while performing most of your typical gym or strength training exercises. The leggings are both comfortable to wear while also allowing you to achieve your full range of motion, whether it be a deep squat or wide lateral lunge.

Weight training aside, I do think you may have durability concerns if you wear these leggings while performing power movements, such as barbell clean and jerks or snatches. Because my glute seams are already fraying a bit from just powerlifting and bodybuilding type workouts, doing some high-velocity exercises may be pushing the limits of the legging’s tensile strength!

Vitality Cloud Pant for Lifting Weights

Performance for Conditioning

While you definitely can use the Vitality Cloud Pant for conditioning, especially pre or post lifting, they’re probably not the best choice for a full conditioning workout. Because they’re a thinner, softer workout pant, the material tends to soak up sweat and hold onto the moisture. I’ve experienced a fair number of sweat stains (which, I personally don’t find a big deal or *actually* unavoidable!) when using these leggings for HIIT classes or conditioning workouts.

Vitality Cloud Pant for Conditioning

Performance for Yoga and Pilates

Along with lifting, the Vitality Cloud Pant excels in yoga and pilates. Since the fabric is stretchy and lightweight, it has a somewhat “naked” feel to them, as if you’re not wearing anything on your legs. This allows more mobility when stretching into positions than more compressive leggings, which I especially value during yoga and pilates workouts. Also, if you’re doing hot yoga, the fabric is thinner and more breathable, allowing a more comfortable flow. Note: if you get a lighter color, you may still be prone to sweat marks, although I think that’s socially acceptable in a hot yoga class!

Vitality Cloud Pant for Yoga & Pilates

Performance for Daily Wear

Along with working well with a variety of exercise modalities, the Vitality Cloud Pant is great for everyday wear. I tend to gravitate to a neutral color (black, gray, brown) when I’m wearing them outside the context of working out, but I’ve definitely seen women rock the patterns and bright colors running errands, at coffee shops, or walking their dogs. Since the leggings are comfortable and not overly structured or compressive, you won’t have that feeling of wanting to run home and peel them off.

How does the Vitality Cloud Pant compare to the Lululemon Align Pant?

To start, the Vitality Cloud Pant is comparable to the Lululemon Align Pant. They both have minimalist designs, boast a “naked” fabric feel, and are created for similar exercise modalities.

As a global brand, Lululemon has an advantage over Vitality in the customization they offer. With Lululemon, you have a variety of styles (there are now Align leggings with ribbed fabric, flared bottoms, and pockets), a variety of lengths (cropped, 25″, 28″, 31″), and an option to hem. That being said, Vitality does offer a larger range of sizes to accommodate plus-sized women.

Both brands regularly release new color ways and patterns, although both brands also tend to quickly sell out of popular colors in common sizes.

Fabric-wise, I do find the Vitality Cloud Pant and Lululemon Align Pant to be pretty similar. Unsurprisingly, they are both mostly nylon (Cloud’s 75% versus Align’s 81%) with the Cloud Pant being part spandex and the Align Pant being part Lycra® which is… also spandex. I do find the Align Pant to be slightly softer than the Cloud Pant.

Vitality Cloud Pant Plank

In my experience, the actually construction of the pant itself is better quality with Lululemon, as I’ve found durability issues with the glute seam in the Vitality Cloud Pant. I do like the aesthetics of the glute seams in the Vitality Cloud Pant over the Lululemon Align Pant, so it does win there!

Pricing-wise, the Vitality Cloud Pant is $85 while the Lululemon Align Pant is $118. While the Cloud Pant is less expensive than the Aligns, they’re definitely still not cheap!

Sizing and Fit of the Vitality Cloud Pant

The Vitality Cloud Pant runs true-to-size, so I would recommend purchasing the same size you wear in other Vitality leggings. If this is your first time purchasing from Vitality, they have a size guide that translates pant sizes to leggings sizes — for example, US Size 0-2 is XS, US Size 2-4 is S, US Size 6-8 is M, and so on — so you may be able accurately guess your size. Vitality Cloud Pants come in sizes XXS (US Size 00-0) to XXXXL (US Size 26-28). This is a bigger range for plus-sizes than Lululemon, which is consistent with Vitality’s mission of “Inspired athleisure designed for everybody in their pursuit of a purposeful existence.”

For sizing reference, I’m five-foot tall (152 centimeters) and around 105 pounds (47 kilograms) with an athletic build, so I have a slimmer waist with thicker glutes and thighs. I have pairs of the Cloud Pant in both XS and S and definitely prefer the fit of the S, which I would agree is true-to-size for me. If you want to compare with other brands, I am a 4/6 in Lululemon and a S in Nike.

All Cloud Pants, regardless of size, come with a 26.5″ inseam. For me, these leggings fall below my ankle.

Vitality Cloud Pant Size


The Vitality Cloud Pant is constructed with Vitality’s signature Cloud fabric, which is 75% nylon and 25% spandex.

An interesting construction detail is the lack of a front seam in the Cloud Pant. Some like this feature, as it may prevent cameltoe (aka the outlining of a woman’s labia in tighter-fitting clothing). I personally think, like visible nipples, we’re over the trend of bending over backwards to prevent cameltoe, but to each their own!

Vitality Cloud Pant Construction

Care Instructions

Vitality recommends the following care instructions for washing and drying your Cloud leggings:

  • Wash inside out with like colors in cool water.
  • Hang dry, don’t tumble dry.
  • Don’t dry clean.

Price Breakdown

The Vitality Cloud Pant costs $85. There are sales relatively often, so I would suggest waiting for a sale to purchase them.

Because of the durability concerns, I would be hesitant to pay $85 for these leggings. Although they are definitely cheaper than Lululemon’s $118 Align Pants, I’m not sure that the quality difference between the the two brands is worth the $30 of savings.

Takeaway Thoughts

The Vitality Cloud Pant is a solid competitor to the ever popular Lululemon Align Pant. It’s more cost-efficient, accommodates a larger range of plus-sizes, and has a flattering design. Although there are still opportunities for improvement in terms of the actual construction of the product, I enjoy wearing my leggings for both daily wear and exercise!

If you have any additional questions on the Lululemon Align Pant, feel free to reach out via the comments below or personally via Instagram (@nikkikoplitz)!

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